Stay in a traditional house in Konkan, connect with kind locals, enjoy the Velas Turtle Festival, experience inexpensive living in the nature, and savor tasty Konkan food. Listen to social and environmental awareness programm with turtle expert Mohan Upadhye, who brings 20 years of experience in turtle conservation, and make a memorable stay near Velas beach

Konkan, nature’s gift

Konkan, the west coastal region of Maharashtra has a gift of rich and diverse ecosystem. Many sceneries out their to touch our mind. Visiting Velas becomes an experience for a lifetime. Click here to read about activities you can do here.

Rediscover life

These tiny turtles are not blessed with love of their mother, they could not meet her in their lifetime. But they know their path to the life, they inspire human to rediscover aspects of life in the calmness of the mother nature.

We have working experience in turtle conservation and witnessed birth of thousands of turtle hatchlings, and we are excited to tell you their stories. Click here to know more about us.

Home-like comfort

Experience a traditional home of Konkan and lifestyle at our homestay. Meet simple living kindhearted people with warm and welcoming local culture. At our homestay near Velas beach, we provide comfortable living experience and nature tour. Click here to know more about our homestay services.

शेणाने स्वच्छ, सुबक सारवलेलं अंगण, त्यावर घातलेला मांडव, ओटी, पडवी, त्यावर झुलणारा झोपाळा, पलिकडे स्वयंपाकघर, मागच्या अंगणात मांडलेली चूल, अशा ठेवणीचं कोकणातलं कौलारू घर…. अगदी प्रत्येकाच्या स्वप्नातलं, प्रत्येकाच्या मनातलं.

प्रत्येकाच्याच मनात आपलं असं एक गाव असतं, त्या गावात जपलेलं आपलं असं एक घर असतं.
शहरात आलं तरी हे गाव सुटत नाही, गाव सुटलं तरी ते घर मनातून जात नाही.


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